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New Ratchet Combo Wrench

Most of us have a set of box/open end wrenches. But, the new version of this old standby is a ratcheting box end. Well Harbor Freight had them on sale and I had a 20% off coupon. This made my out the door price $20 a set. So I bought a set of SAE and Metric versions..

But, hanging next to the wrenches was a little add-on packet that allows you use 1/2", 3/8" or 1/4" sockets. There is also an adapter that allows you use

You use the 3/4" wrench for the 1/2" drive, 1/2" wrench for the 3/8" drive and the 3/8" wrench for the 1/4" and driver bit adapter.

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Air Compressor Upgrade

Some 30 years ago I bought a 20 gal 135 psi 230v Sears Craftsman air compressor. Now that I have a car lift I thought I really needed to upgrade the air compressor. I really wanted a 2 stage 60 gallon one but the cost versus usage didn't compute. So, I have been looking for the right buy. One Saturday my son in law and I were checking out Harbor Feight for bargins and I mentioned the I was looking for an air compressor and he suggested that were stop at Sears on the way home. Well they had a 27 gallon 175 psi 115v last years floor model on sale and when I asked the sale gal if I could get a better discount she said she would check. The next thing I know the store manager comes over and shoots me a price of $335. I said deal. But, I was surprised when we went to check out that the price with my son in laws employee discount and tax was $327.


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Tool Chest Renew

I was about to retire my old Kennedy Machinist tool box until I moved out of my RV to a new retirement house. I decided that I needed some basic hand tools at the house and thought I would rehab my Kennedy tool box. It took me most of one day to remove all the drawers and power wire brush the old crinkle finish off the tool box and drawers. I sprayed it with a black Hammer paint from Wal Mart and filled it with a bunch of tools from Harbor Freight.

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Tool Chest #1 Upgrade

My 2nd tool chest was an old Kennedy Machinist tool box I got when I worked at IBM out on the manufacturing floor. It served me well for many years but it was beginning to show itís age and I was running out of room for added tools. Harbor Freight had their "Econo" version on sale for $139 with a coupon. So, I jumped on that real quick. Compared to the Sears version it had a better finish, gold trim versus aluminum, handles to push it around and a better top hinge..

What it didn't have was as many drawers and cheap plastic wheels. To better utilize the larger lower storage area I added a shelf to double the usable space.

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Tool Chest #2 Upgrade

I seem to have the Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor syndrome, "More Power - More Tools". So, I had to get a new tool chest.

I looked at Harbor Freight and Sears Craftsman. The difference was in price and name only. I think the same "Chinese" guy made them both. But, the Sears version was on sale for $220 and you got a "free" 3-drawer chest. I also had some Citi Bank rewards points, so I got me 2-$100 gift cards. As an added bonus there was a $20 mail-in rebate, a 10% associate discount (my son-in-law works at Sears), and another 10% on friends/family night. My final cost was $175 tax/title/license out the door.

The bottom line is, I have 15 drawer roll around tool chest for less than $175 or $0 if you consider that I paid for it with my rewards points gift crads.

But, as most of you know I can't leave anything alone for long. So, I added a handle to push the whole thing around the shop, I added a extension cord hanger on the end of the tool box, I added some small chains to hold the lid from getting bent back and I replaced the carry along box with another drawer.


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