Monte Carlo SS #2

Monte Carlo SS #2

I figured that 1 Monte Carlo SS was just not enough, as I had to share it with my wife. So I gave the Chevy Monza to my to my daughter after she graduated from high school and bought another one just like my original blue one, except this one had been repainted black.

It came with a shift kit, custom rims and the orginal rims in the trunk. I added some Hellwig Sway bars, some heavy-duty shocks and poly bushings. I swapped the orignal rims with the ones on SS #1 as they were really clean with no dents in the trim rims.

I sold SS #2 to the neighbor when I got SS #3 (1987 Aero Coupe). The neighbor gave it to his son and needless to say it was trashed within a year.

Here is the only 2 surviving photos of SS #2.

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