Monte Carlo SS #1

Back in 1983 when I first saw the Monte Carlo SS I said, "Self you got to have one of these." But, with moving for Minnesota to Texas for a new job, buying a new house(interest rates where 12%), car payments (Chevy Monza), with a wife and 2 kids it just wasn't going to happen. But, by late June of 1984 I took the plunge (the Monza was paid for) and ordered a blue 1984 Monte Carlo SS with bucket seats, console, posi etc. I kept that Monte as a daily driver for 14 years, until my wife drove in the ditch and totaled it.

Being the pack rat that I am I dug through some old files and found my original paper work. Here is my order workup and the original order dated 5-16-1984.

Here is the orginal order. Age has taken is toll on being able to read what was ordered. But, it mirrors my preorder theat I typed up at work one day.

In that same paper file I found an old photo of the day of delivery, July 10, 1984

Here are some other photos.... with last 3 showing it TOTALED.

This is what happens when you take on a telephone pole. The pole wins.

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