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Cutlass Frame Brace

The Monte Carlo does not have a front frame brace but the Cutlass does. So off to the For Sale Forum at and get one.

Install is fairly easy if you have the right tools. I happen to have a 4 post lift and a bunch of air tools. I removed the 30+ year old frame braces for clean and paint. I used all new nuts, bolts & washers when I re-installed the braces

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Sway Bar/End Links Bushings

While I was updating the front frame brace I decided to install new swaybar bushings & end link bushings. Here again a 4 post lift, air tools and a cuting torch are your friend.

I soaked the end link bolts witha 50% solution of Acetone & ATF and still couldn't remove them do to rust. So, I got my cutting torch out and made short work of that issue.

I measured the length of the stock end links, the diameter of the sway bar & stopped at my local Autozone to picked some Energy Supension end links & sway bar bushings. The install easy peasy. The sway bar bushings are greaseable, so no squeaks.

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