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Spare Tire Cover

The space saver spare is just plain ugly. So, I thought I would make a cover for it.

I stopped at a local fabric store and picked up some lightweight vinyl. The spare is about 25" in diameter. I figured that I would cover about 50% of the front, about 40% of the back and create a bib that will get tucked under the trunk carpet.

Now all you need to do is sew the pieces together. I used a standard sewing machine with a heavy-duty needle ad set the stitch length to max, as if you don't the vinyl can tear.

I had some left over stickers from anther project and decided to add some lettering to the cover. I plan to get some really nice cut vinyl letters to replace them.

Note - The lettering didn't last to long due to the Texas heat and was removed.

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Rmote Trunk Release

My Monte Carlo SS didn't come with a remote trunk release so I thought I would add one. I picked one from the SS Monte Carlo web site in Parts for Sale section. Mine came complete with trunk mount and key.

I only needed the solenoid, so just unbolted it from the bracket.

If your SS didn't come with a trunk release you will have to bend a tab back so the accuator can make contact with the latch release. It's a simple one bolt install.

Now for the wiring part. If you have an alarm installed it not to difficult to wire it to the Aux button like i did. Your other option is to add push button some place under the dash. But, if you use this option I would recommend that a 30 amp relay be installed as the solenoid takes a fair amount of current.

Note - There is only 1 wire to the solenoid, which means the trunk latch is providing the grounding portion of the circuit.

But be aware that the trunk springs are fairly strong and you will want to hold on to the trunk when you hit the realease. I plan to add a strut so I don't have to hang on the trunk when I open it.

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2nd Trunk Light

While I was mssing around in the trunk I decide to add a 2nd light. I picked up a spare light socket off the For Sale Forum at The install was nothing more than running a wire to the other socket and a self tapping screw.

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